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Круглый лес: Продажа круглого леса породы «Лиственные:берёза» 2.7 - 5.4 м. по цене 9000 руб. за м³ №42138

20 февраля 2021 г. 11:58 Просмотров: 142

Город: Краснокамск, Пермский край, Россия

Название организации: показать название и репутацию

Порода древесины: Лиственные:берёза

Диаметр в сантиметрах: 18 - 26 см.

Длина в метрах: 2.7 - 5.4 м.

Цена за кубометр в рублях: 9000

Dear direct buyers!
If you are ready to buy roundwood and lumber from Russia and independently export to your destination country, then write to me, if not, do not write...
We sell volumes from 1000 cubic meters and more monthly, we do not deal with small volumes.
in order for our manager to calculate the price for you, under your order individually, I need an official application (Loi) from you on your company letterhead with a signature and seal.
We sell from Russia round birch, Pine and spruce, export quality according to the customer's technical task 15000 cubic meters per month, with an increase.
Terms of delivery FCA price Franco-car station Perm Krai.
There is a possibility of transshipment in the port of St. Petersburg up to 15000 cubic meters.
Also have the opportunity to sell logs and sawn timber of various species, on the terms FCA Perm Krai.
In any case, the Purchaser or his representative is required to fly to Russia, on our production in order to get acquainted with our production.
We will provide accommodation for you or your representative.
We work on prepayment, you make an advance payment, and we prepare the goods for your order, the rest of the payment is made after the prepared volume.
1. First, we need a request from you and a technical task that you specifically want our manager to calculate the price of products.
2. If everything is in order, you sign our commercial offer, and put a seal and signature, this will indicate that you have accepted the price and all the terms of sale.
3. Next, we prepare a preliminary draft of the contract of sale, you sign it, and send it to us.
4. After you have previously signed the draft contract, we prepare the main contract for signing on the basis of it, you sign it and send it to us.
Next, we give you the details of where you will fly, address and contacts.
And only after that you will be able to fly to Russia to get acquainted with the production and make an advance payment, and only after that we will start preparing products for you.
We are waiting for your application and technical task on the official letterhead of your company with a signature and seal.
Send applications to the post office:

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